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Simple Machines

ChemEd DL
ChemEd DL

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Science Buddies

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EPA's Climate Change Kids Site
EPA's Climate Change Kids Site

United States Geological Survey Information by State, Earthquakes, Floods, Maps, Human Health, Volcanoes, More topics . . .
USPTO Kids Pages (United States Patent and Trademark Office) the curious! Learn about how to patent and trademark ideas and inventions. The site is divided into grade ranges - link takes you to the 6-12 grade range.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence.
Science site with a wide variety of events that go behind the news with accurate, lively, current science topics.
HowStuffWorks out how anything works from technology to science to everyday things and more. HowStuffWorks is a media company that is internationally recognized as the leading provider of information on how things work. Founded by Marshall Brain, HowStuffWorks offers in-depth articles that explain the world from the inside out to millions of readers every month.
**Resource Price Project: The Costs of Energy**Data collection and sharing

Earth Science
Science Niche: Earth Science
Environmental Pollution Scorecard
Geologic Time: The Changing Earth
NY Regents Earth Science Review
Skywatching: Tonight's Sky
Solar System Exploration
Weather Forecasting

Science Niche: Biology
AP Biology Topics & Labs
Biology Corner: Lessons & Quizzes
Biology in Motion: Interactive Modules
High School Biology: The Skinny
NY Regents Biology Review
The Genetic Code Table
Science Niche: Chemistry
General Chemistry Tutorials
High School Chemistry Help
NY Regents Chemistry Review
Periodic Table of Elements

Science Niche: Physics
High School Physics Tutorials
NY Regents Physics Review
Physical Constants Reference

More Science Stuff
Exploratorium: Explore Science
Science Niche: Teaching Sci.
Why Files: Science News
We have new, free materials on biomedical topics. These print and online resources include:
Like all of our offerings, these printed and online resources focus on medically relevant life sciences and are free of charge. Printed materials are available individually or in classroom sets. They are also downloadable from
Here is a sampling of our products:
  • Findings magazine, which profiles vibrant scientists and includes puzzles and games. Each semi-annual issue introduces students not only to cutting-edge research, but also to the varied personalities, hobbies and backgrounds of the researchers, who serve as role models for future scientists. Our new "Ask a Scientist" online feature allows students to submit relevant scientific questions to researchers profiled in the magazine. Subscriptions are free.
  • Award-winning booklets on topics including cell biology, genetics, chemistry, pharmacology, structural biology and computational biology. Several of the booklets are enhanced with additional online content.
  • Interactive games and crossword puzzles that teach science.
  • Scientific image galleries containing downloadable photos, illustrations and videos.
  • Video and audio interviews with scientists.
  • A monthly electronic newsletter that highlights recent scientific advances. Subscriptions are free.
These materials are produced by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), part of the National Institutes of Health. They are not copyrighted and you are free to excerpt content from them to use in the classroom or on a class Web site.