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5th Grade Force and Motion
Forces and Motion
**5.11.1** | **5.11.2** | **5.11.3**
Identify the effect that gravity has on objects found on or near the earth�s surface.
  1. **Build Your Own Roller Coaster** - experiment with "g" force while you ride the coaster
    external image video_icon.gif
  2. **From Apples to Orbits** - a Think Quest entry
  3. **Gravitation** - encyclopedia article from Encarta
  4. **Gravity** - [ this link opens on a new page ] The Universe's Main Attraction
  5. **Gravity Concept Map** - individual concepts are hyperlinked
  6. **Gravity Definition Page** - from Windows to the Universe
  7. **How Does Gravity Work** - from How Stuff Works
  8. **Sir Isaac Newton** - the law of universal gravitation
  9. **Universal Gravitation** - Newton's Law
  10. **Your Weight on Other Worlds** - determined by how hard a planet pulls on you
Determine the effect of slope and friction on the speed of an object.
  1. **Friction** - [ designed for 3-4 UK standards ] Investigate friction on a variety of surfaces, then take a quiz.
    external image 1smspkr.gif
  2. **Forces in Action** - [ designed for 5-6 UK standards ] from the BBC
    external image 1smspkr.gif
Match simple machines with their uses.
  1. **Compound Machine** - answer a series of questions which require the selection of the most appropriate simple machine
    external image 1smspkr.gif
  2. **Design and Test** - This project simulates the Design and Test process through the development of a virtual paintball catapult. The student must build catapults capable of performing a variety of tasks, stay within the allotted budget, and interpret test results to fine tune their design.
  3. **Inclined Plane** - This Java applet demonstrates a motion on an inclined plane with constant velocity and the corresponding forces.
  4. **Lever** - attach a new mass piece or put it to another place with pressed mouse button
  5. **Eureka: The Lever** - a YouTube video external image video_icon.gif
  6. **Machines Make Life Easier** - a set of activities about simple machines
  7. **Move Our Principal** - [ this link opens on a new page ] learn about the six simple machines then use their knowledge to assist their principal. ( Author - Sandi King )
  8. **Pulley System** - (raise or lower the load with the mouse) If you click on the mouse button, a spring balance will appear showing the tension in the string.
  9. external image icon_ppt.gif- a simple machines PowerPoint show by Matt Aufman and Steve Case, University of Mississippi [23 slides]
  10. **Simple Machines** game from Harcourt School
  11. **Simple Machines** - An excellent overview from the Franklin Institute On-Line
  12. **Simple Machines Activities** : Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed at E-Heads!
    external image 1smspkr.gif
  13. **Simple Machines Made Simple** - [ this link opens on a new page ] an introduction to the six simple machines ( Author - Sandi King )
  14. This is a PowerPoint show
    This is a PowerPoint show
    - a Simple Machines review game

6th Grade Links:

Great Links for Science Teachers

These are some sites I like for Science classroom resources.

1. The Science Spot--A multitude of science lessons and activities for an adventurous Science classroom. Some of my favorites are the gummy bear lab and the mystery canisters. There are lots of labs here to tweak to make them your own.
2. CREST Activity Book - Explore an assortment of great lesson ideas from the Maine Geological Survey! Geologic mapping, mineral identification, map reading, fossils, and more are available here!

3. AskERIC - EduRef - Earth Science - Visit this site for an assortment of lessons for earth science. Also browse their lessons for geology and paleontology.

4. Discovery Channel School - Earth Science - A large collection of resources for earth science.
5. Earth Comm - Explore this page for lesson ideas and activities for earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, natural resources, and much more! EarthComm is an Earth Science curriculum developed by the American Geological Institute (AGI) and supported by the National Science Foundation and donors of the American Geological Institute Foundation.
6. Earth Science: Hands-on Learning Activities and Lesson Plans - Browse this site to learn how to make a shake table, find plans for paper models of volcanoes, create a "human wave" with your students, and much more!
7. Earth Science in the News - Each month, they select an article or web page to feature, with an emphasis on new research results and draw on articles published on-line from resources listed in the Science in the News section. The site provides links to related materials and web sites, and identifies relevant classroom activities. Also visit ISTAT Earth Science Resources, a large collection of resources for any earth science unit!
8. Earth Science Labs - This site provides several lessons and links for geology, meteorology, and more!
9. Earth Science Lessons - Visit the different areas of this site for an assortment of lesson plans using materials in the Volcano World website!
10. Earth Science World - Celebrate Earth Science Week, try one of the K-12 activities, analyze some data, or explore one of the suggested links. Also visit the American Geological Institute!
11. EPA Sunwise Program - Explore this site to learn more about the Sunwise program focused on educating students about ultraviolet radiation and sun safety.

More resources for ultraviolet radiation ...
You, Me, & UV - Teacher's Guide to UV Topics
- A selection of UV related activities to explore with your students.
As The Sun Burns. - Download lesson plans from the Stanford Solar Center for elementary, middle school, or high school. Be sure to visit the main page of this website to see all the great resources they have to offer!
Ultra-Violet Spectra - Browse this page for an assortment of ideas for using UV beads in the science classroom.Need UV beads? Visit the Educational Innovations website and click the link for "Color, Light, & Sound." Choose "UV Detecting Products" to find UV beads and other goodies!

12. Exploring the Environment - This website from the NASA Classroom of the Future provides a series of interdisciplinary, problem-based learning (PBL) modules for high school students. The project engages student teams in addressing real-world problems related to weather, population growth, biodiversity, land use patterns, volcanoes, water pollution, and global warming.
13. Glacier Theme Page - An assortment of links to online resources containing information and activities related to glaciers!
14. GeoDectives - Visit this site for a variety of fun labs to learn more about rocks and minerals, such as the Sweet Taste of a Sugar Life Cycle.
15. GeoLabs Online - A collection of web based activities for earth science! Be sure to try Virtual Earthquake, Virtual Dating, or Virtual River.
Need lessons for geologic time and fossils? Visit my **Digging Into Science Lesson Plan** page for online resources for these topics.
16. - Teacher Resources - Explore this area for an assortment of lesson plans and activity ideas for geology.
17. Geology Online - Illinois State Museum - Browse this website for an online gallery of rocks & minerals as well as a collection of lesson plans for all levels!
18. GeoSociety - Education & Outreach - Visit this site for lesson plans & resources for K-12 Earth Science educators! You can view the lessons by topic or age group!
19. Geological Survey of Canada Education Resources - A great resource for earth science teachers! Visit the EarthNet area of this site for fossils, geology, and more to explore!
20. Illinois DNR - Office of Mines and Minerals - Visit this site for a wealth of educational resources for Illinois minerals and mines! They offer a mineral brochure, instructions for a rock and mineral test box, a crossword puzzle, and posters to download! If you are a teacher in Illinois, visit the site to learn how to schedule a visit from the Rock Box - a rolling education exhibit of the rock and mineral resources of Illinois. For information about specific mines or mine-related topics, visit the main page at
21. Illinois State Geological Survey - Learn about Illinois geology, browse the GeoBits, order publications for your classroom, or explore one of the suggested links.
22. Kentucky Earth Science Education Network - This site has a lot to offer from an alphabetical listing of link topics to classroom activities, educators are sure to find new ideas to "rock" their science classes!
23. Math-Science Learning Coalition - Earth Science Lessons - This site offers a wide range of earth science lessons for elementary, middle school, and high school.
24. Mineral Information Institute - One of the best resources for teaching materials for minerals! Visit the teacher's area to download free helper packets, find new lessons, obtain information for students in the Homework Help area, or order a poster packet!
25. More Than Skin Deep: A Teacher's Guide to Caves, Karst, and Groundwater - An assortment of information and activities are available at this site developed by the National Park Service.
26. Nature of Water Power - Explore the power of water with your students with these great lesson ideas.
27. NESEN Earth Science Activities - This site offers lessons and activities for astronomy, geology, mapping, soils, water, and weather! Worth a visit or two!
28. NSW Minerals Council - A collection of lesson plans for primary and secondary students available in pdf downloads!
29. Ocean Adventure - Explore this ThinkQuest site with your students! Be sure to download a copy of the Classroom Activities (pdf)!
30. PIE Lessons - This site provides an assortment of lesson plans for Earth Science, including a water cycle game, rock cycle activities, and weather lessons.
31. Proteacher - Earth Science - An assortment of earth science lesson plans and links for elementary teachers. This site includes links for earthquakes,volcanoes, rocks/minerals, weather, dinosaurs, and water.
32. RESGI E-Topics - A large collection of computer animations and diagrams that you can use for your Earth Science unit!
33. Sands of the World - Take your students on an interactive journey to explore the sand around the world. Visit the Main Menu to see all this site has to offer.
34. - Browse the great resources available in the Geology area to find new lessons for your students. An area of meterology lessons and resources is also available!
35. Science Teaching Ideas - Teaching Mineral Identification - Explore this page for an assortment of great lesson ideas for rocks and minerals! Visit the main page to find links for other lesson plan pages for rock cycle, plate tectonics, water systems, weather, weathering, earthquakes, & volcanoes.
36. - This site offers a wide range of resources and programs to investigate Earth System Science. Visit the Teacher's Web Express orResources and Programs for a quick search by grade level and topic!
37. Teacher's Domain - Earth & Space Science - This is an excellent site for multimedia resources for your science curriculum!
38. TEA Classroom Materials - Explore this resource for lesson plans created by teachers participating in the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica program, such as Sediment Tubes, Pangaea Puzzle, or the Frozen Desert.
39. This Planet Really Rocks - Visit the Fun Activities area for several ideas for your Earth Science unit, such as the Rock Cycle Activity using crayons and the Famous Rock Scavenger Hunt on the Internet.
40. US Geological Survey: Teaching in the Learning Web - Visit the Learning Web for a wealth of resources for earth science educators! Spend time exploring all this site has to offer for earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and much more!
41. Visit to an Ocean Planet - An assortment of lessons for climate and oceans. Be sure to make a visit or two!
42. Volcanoes Online - Explore the lesson plans section of this ThinkQuest site.
43. Water Science For Schools - This site offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where visitors can give opinions and test their water knowledge.
44. You, Me, & UV - Teacher's Guide to UV Topics - A selection of UV related activities to explore with your students. For more on UV activities, tryAs The Sun Burns.