Project 1
Book Review Template
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Book Review
You will create a short "shelf review".
These will be posted on the library shelves below the book!
As soon as you bring it up, click "save as" and save to your flash drive.
Right click on stars to fill white or black.

Link to Animoto: Animoto
Project 2
**How to Complete a book trailer**
**Book Trailer Instructions**

Book Trailer
According to Wikipedia: “A book trailer is a video advertisement for a book
which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers.
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Choices to make:

  • Software: MovieMaker, PowerPoint, Animoto, other?
  • Images: Still images, live action, or combination
  • Audio: Background music, Sound effects, Narration
The Basics:

  • Make it short (1-2 minutes).
  • Start with a conflict to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Introduce main character(s) and setting.
  • Show an important scene that occurs early in the story.
  • Show a potential antagonist.
  • Show another important scene. (Keep scenes short)
  • Show a series of quick, action or tense scenes that focus on the rising action. Decide on a closing scene – but don’t reveal the ending!
Create a Mood:

  • Use intriguing images.
  • Use background music, sound effects.
  • The closing scene should reinforce the mood and make an impression on the viewer.

GJHS Book Trailers - Animoto
University of Central Florida - K-12 Student Book Trailers
Perfect Chemistry
Copyright Reminder: Each of the following sites has their own policy
regarding use of their materials. Please check individual licensing notices as they pertain to your situation.
Joyce Valenza’s Wiki with links to many resources for multimedia projects
Search for images and sounds in the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress.
Springfield Township High School Library Index of Links to Public Domain Images

SOUNDS / MUSIC--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- popular search engine indexes over a million sound files. a very reasonable price, you can purchase royalty free music and sound effects. Your purchase will include CDs as well as online access.
IMAGES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Copyright-friendly images for education” Google search page will allow you to search ONLY .gov sites for both sounds and images. To restrict your search, include the file format in the search box. (Example: army wav)Be sure to check copyright permissions, since government sites may include materials that are not in the public domain. state of Utah provides access to thousands of royalty free images, sounds, and movies.
Copyright Free Images
Free Clipart
More Links to clip art, images, etc.

Storyboard Resources--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Examples of Digital Book Trailers and Help for Creating Book Trailers----------------------------------------------------
University of Central Florida’s Award Winning Digital Book Talk
Click on UB the Director for student samples, plus an excellent “How-to”
Joyce Valenza’s Book Trailer webpage
YouTube also has examples of Book Trailers – both amateur and professional

Copyright Information – Fair-Use Guidelines-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Copyright for Educators
Scroll down the page under Section 4, for Broward County’s Copyright Guidelines for Multimedia Projects
Crash course in copyright by the University of Texas
The Library of Congress’s “How to understand copyright restrictions”